20 Pothos Decoration Ideas + 9 Home Decor Tips (Stunning)

Pothos or Devil’s Ivy is the little black dress of indoor plant decoration. It’s versatile, always in fashion, and it goes well with everything. Here are 20 beautiful indoor pothos decoration ideas that complement and elevate the look of any room. 

And for those aiming to find inspiration and take their plant home decor to the next level, we’ll also provide the best tips on how to use pothos to its full potential. 

1.) Use Pothos To Bring Vintage and Modern Together

vintage and modern with pothos plant
Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Home decor trends change, but pothos is here to stay. This timeless classic can bring a room together and even mitigate a clash in styles.

This interior design idea is a great example: the antique piano may look slightly out of place when paired with sleek, modern furniture. But a trailing pothos helps create continuity between styles and create a cohesive look.

Try combining it with other house plant classics, such as peace lily, Monstera, snake plant, or your favorite columnar cactus.   

2.) Make a Living Curtain

living curtain made with pothos plants

Got a pothos plant with long vines and you’re not sure where to put it? Place the pot on a floating shelf to create a living curtain. 

3.) Create a Living Wall Display

pothos living wall display

The pothos wall will be the home decor centerpiece regardless of the room it’s in. For a simple design, a few wall pockets filled with your favorite pothos cultivars are enough to achieve the look.

But if you’re up for a DIY challenge, why not try your hand at installing a self-watering wall display? The end result will be well worth the effort. 

4.) Loop-around Living Pothos Wall

pothos wrap around wall and home decor

Here’s a pothos wall alternative if you have very long, almost leggy plants. All you need is two parallel shelves and a few J hooks, then loop the pothos vines up and down to fill up the space.

It’s a lush display in any part of your house, but especially above a bed headboard.

Bonus point: the pothos will help purify the air, ensuring a good night’s sleep. What other wall decor can do that?

5.) Transform Your Shower Into a Rainforest

pothos in bathroom shower
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Pothos are tropical plants, and your shower room is as close as your home is going to get to its natural habitat. The humidity boost will help these plants grow faster, and they’ll make you feel like you’re bathing under a waterfall in French Polynesia.   

6.) The Cozy Jungle 

pothos jungle idea

Scandinavian hygge meets urban jungle in this cozy plant nook. The blankets and pillows create the feeling of warmth and comfort, while the wood paneling and strategically placed Golden Pothos and Money Tree plant complete the exotic look.

It may seem like an incongruous mix of styles, but it makes for a comfy reading corner of an indoor garden during the cold winter months. 

7.) The Retro Kitchen Look

pothos retro kitchen idea

Pothos became a popular indoor plant in the 1950s and still does a great job at completing the retro look of that decade.

Here, a Golden Pothos and a N’Joy contrast gorgeously with the vivid green vintage fridge.

Add a woven basket, a sink skirt, and a jute table mat for a rural retro vibe.    

8.) Balcony Garden Retreat

Image credit

Sunny afternoons and breezy summer evenings enjoyed on a balcony garden? Yes, please! And with a few trailing pothos vines to complete the look, you can create a perfect oasis of relaxation right on your terrace or patio.

Bonus point: the extra light will help the plants grow faster, and the vines will create a natural privacy curtain in two years tops.  

9.) Upgrade Your Study or Work Desk

pothos plants by desk

Did you know that adding plants to your desk helps reduce stress and increase productivity? If you’re working from home, using a few plant pots to fill up the space on your shelves is guaranteed to make you feel more focused and engaged.

A touch of diversity also helps break the monotony — both in the work and decor. In this case, a single Golden Pothos pot is enough to bring the desk to life with color, and give the eyes something to rest on while the mind pursues inspiration.

10.) Use Cuttings as an Alternative Cut Flower Arrangement

pothos cutting in vase for home decor

You don’t need a full pothos plant to improve your home decor. These pothos cuttings are a fantastic alternative to flower vases, especially when displayed in colorful jars.

Plus, you can keep the cuttings in the water indefinitely, even after they have rooted. 

11.) Macrame Propagation Station

pothos Macrame Propagation Station
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash

Here’s another way you can use pothos for home improvement — especially if you’re into propagating your plants. All you need is a macrame wall hanging, a few small glass jars, and some cuttings of your favorite pothos.

The result? A mix of boho-chic and minimalist vibes works well on a wall in any room- especially bedroom decor.

12.) Display Pothos in a Kokedama

pothos kokedama home decor idea

Give your room an oriental feel by planting a few pothos cuttings in a Japanese Kokedama ball. You will need some potting mix, sphagnum moss, some twine, and a few single-node cuttings.

Don’t worry if the cuttings have no roots — they’ll root easy enough in the potting mix.   

13.) Turn Your Ceiling Into a Living Canopy 

pothos living canopy
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

A few Golden Pothos plants in hanging baskets will transform your ceiling into a veritable canopy — perfect for that indoor jungle look.

This is also a great way to transform your dining room and make every meal feel like you’re eating out in a trendy uptown bistro.   

14.) Spruce up Your Mirror

pothos mirror idea

Loop a few pothos vines around your mirror frame to give it a bit of plant glam. You can use this idea with picture frames as well. 

15.) Embrace Chromatic Minimalism

nordic style home decor with pothos and other tropical indoor plants

Sometimes, a neatly curated selection of plants is enough to elevate a minimalist decor. In this living room design, a looping Golden Pothos vine breaks the structural monotony of a plant shelf, adding a point of interest that also complements the chromatic choice for the furniture. Simple yet remarkably elegant.  

16.) Play With Pastels

pothos with pastel pot

Variegated pothos cultivars work wonderfully with pastel colors. In this case, the white and cream variegation on the N’Joy Pothos would create a striking contrast with a muted pink background with the teal pot.

Feel free to mix it up with other design ideas using potted pothos varieties, such as Marble Queen, Manjula, or Snow Queen.   

17.) Add a Splash of Color

neon pothos in bathroom as decoration idea

Few cultivars pack as much wow factor as the Neon Pothos. Take this bathroom design for example. In a sea of dark greens and gray gradients, Neon Pothos is the one plant that really catches the eye.

Low-maintenance, fast-growing, and easy to find, this pothos variety is a must-have addition to any home improvement project.     

18.) Let It Creep Along the Wall 

pothos creeping on wall

Pothos loves climbing. If you don’t have the space for a moss pole or a trellis, using adhesive wall clips will work just as well. This is a perfect solution if you don’t want to drill holes, or if your walls are too weak to support the weight of a shelf.  

19.) Create the Illusion of Space

pothos hanging from ceiling as decoration

Put your pothos on a floating shelf or in a hanging basket one foot below your ceiling. This positioning and the trailing vines will make your ceiling look taller, which makes your living space feel bigger, brighter, and airier. 

20.) The Collector’s Display Shelf

pothos collector shelf display

With so many pothos varieties to choose from, it’s perfectly reasonable to decorate your home using nothing but pothos.

If you’re a collector, all you need is a shelf and a choice selection of your favorite cultivars — the rarer, the better. This simple yet creative plant display will brighten up any room, and it’s a great way to showcase your green thumb without stressing over complicated decor ideas.

9 Tips for Decorating With Pothos Plants

  • Non-variegated pothos cultivars like Jade Pothos or Baltic Blue are ideal for low-light areas. You can use them on high shelves, on top of wardrobes, or in a room that has northern exposure.
  • Variegated pothos cultivars need bright indirect light to maintain their coloring. In low light conditions, they will revert to all green foliage. Try placing them as close as you can to the window, but protect them from the intense midday sun.
  • Letting your pothos trail or hang is a great way to fill the space. However, remember that most pothos plants will develop smaller leaves if left to hang for more than a few years. If you want to keep your plant looking full and bushy, trim it regularly; and since these are climbing plants, give it a moss pole to climb on.
  • Never plant your pothos directly in a decorative plant mask. This type of container doesn’t have drainage holes at the bottom. Without drainage, your plant roots will constantly sit in water and start rotting. Instead, plant your pothos in a plastic pot with drainage holes, then put that pot in the decorative mask. 
  • If you want to decorate your bathroom with pothos plants, make sure it has a window. No plant can survive in complete darkness, not even low-light plants.
  • If you have pets (especially curious cats), try using plant hangers rather than placing the pot on a shelf or table. Cats are notoriously fond of batting at dangling objects, and they will be tempted to play with the trailing vines. Keeping the plants in hanging baskets or macrame hangers will prevent the pots from being knocked over or pulled down and making a mess.
  • Ideally, though, you’ll want to keep pothos out of reach of pets. Pothos is listed as toxic for cats and dogs. So, stick to hanging plants if you have pets.
  • Similarly, avoid using pothos to decorate the room of a toddler or a small child. The leaves contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause painful skin irritations, gastrointestinal problems, and difficulty breathing.
  • Be careful when using pothos as an outdoor decorative plant. Golden Pothos is listed as an invasive species in several countries and the US state of Florida (cabi.org). To prevent it from escaping cultivation and taking over your garden, keep the pothos in a pot rather than planting it directly in the ground.  
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