Why Cilantro Tastes Like Soap to Some People

Have you ever wondered why cilantro, a beloved herb in many cuisines, tastes like soap to some people? This puzzling phenomenon has left many cilantro haters feeling like they’re missing out on a flavorful experience. As it turns out, the answer lies in our genes. Recent studies have discovered that variations in certain smell-receptor genes … Read more

15 Delicious Foods You Can Grow in 5 Gallon Buckets

Imagine transforming the smallest spaces into lush, edible gardens—where vibrant greens and succulent vegetables grow from the unlikeliest of places. Welcome to the world of 5 gallon bucket gardening, an innovative approach to urban farming that turns limited space into an oasis of fresh, home-grown produce. Whether you’re nestled in a city apartment with just … Read more

Grow & Care for Rattlesnake Calathea Plants (Goeppertia insignis)

Rattlesnake Calatheas (Goeppertia insignis, formerly Calathea lancifolia) are fascinating, attention-grabbing plants from the Brazilian tropics that are perfectly safe for your family and pets. However, they are known for being tricky houseplants and are a good choice for experienced indoor gardeners. Rattlesnake Calatheas’ lance-shaped leaves ripple slightly with green-on-green ovals, giving them a reptilian look. … Read more

Grow & Care for African Violets Like a Pro

African Violets have been one of the most popular houseplants since the beginning of the 20th century. They call up images of pretty, potted houseplants on crocheted doilies and memories of favorite Mother’s Day gifts. I remember my grandmother’s purple African Violets blooming brightly on her Massachusetts windowsill. History of African Violets African Violets are … Read more