DIY Stone Resin Path: Rave or Rant? One Couple’s Project

Resin construction can be costly due to material and labor expenses. To save money, this couple on TikTok decided to do the work themselves.

The couple’s DIY resin path received mixed opinions from the public. Some viewed it as a triumph, while others saw it as a flop.

Prepare to discover the diverse opinions it has stirred among the viewers!

From Praise to Skepticism – What Do People Really Think?

The DIY resin path project sparked a wide range of online discussions and debates, capturing the attention of passionate supporters and skeptics. 

A Shower of Praise and Positivity on a DIY Resin Path

Not everyone is willing to create a DIY resin path, especially for a sizable area like 25 square meters.

The couple’s boldness in taking on this DIY work impressed people, both with their process and the impressive results they achieved.

“What a great idea!” a DIY fanatic commented.

“Looks class, well done. I was thinking in doing this instead of slabs,” one impressed TikTok user remarked.

“Great job ignore the greenies negative comments,” a supportive follower stated.

“This looks good I need to put a path in in the garden,” a captivated handicrafter commented.

Some Individuals Had Their Doubts and Shared Their Critical Feedback

While many praised the couple’s efforts, it’s essential to acknowledge that not everyone was impressed.

“That existing path is amazing, the resin looks tacky,” a disappointed follower commented.

“No drainage and full of chemicals that harm the ground!!” one upset onlooker exclaimed.

“Bad idea mixing with bare legs and. Resin,” one experienced crafter expressed.

“Omg this is awful for the environment and your health,” another disappointed follower stated.

“Ewwww why the chemical usage around home like that?” a disgusted TikTok user commented.

As evident from the bustling comment section, it’s clear that debates are raging among viewers.

People express their thoughts and engage in lively discussions surrounding the DIY resin path project.

“Not a hippy but is it really essential to cover the ground in masses of chemicals??” a curious TikTok user asked

“Very low VOC’s and is inert after hardened. So safe that you can do this inside without ventilation even,” one onlooker responded.

“More the lack of drainage and habitat,” the curious one answered back.

Unveiling the DIY Resin Path’s Remarkable Transformation After Two Years

Image Credit: TikTok @100yearsinthemaking_.

The foundation for pouring the resin was just a layer of sand. 

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing resin design, one option is to incorporate a grid. In the couple’s case, they specifically used a cellular grid for this purpose.

Once the DIY resin was prepared, they mixed the resin with the aggregate before applying it to their path.

Utilizing mixing equipment, like the couple did, can help ensure efficient and speedy mixing of DIY resin for your project.

Image Credit: TikTok @100yearsinthemaking_.

Looking back after two years, the couple reflects on the outcome of their project. They are pleased that most of the path has maintained its splendid appearance. 

With enthusiasm, they wholeheartedly recommend undertaking a similar project to others.

Despite their overall satisfaction with the project, the couple faced a few challenges. In one section of the path, the edging became loose due to turf movement, resulting in some deterioration of the resin.

In addition, a barely noticeable crack appeared in the path, and weeds managed to penetrate the surface. To address this issue, the couple utilized an iron-infused spray to prevent weed growth.

The couple considers these imperfections as valuable learning experiences and acknowledges that they would take a different approach if they had the opportunity to redo the project.

DIY Resin Path: A Closer Look at People’s Perspectives

The video featuring the couple’s DIY resin path has amassed an impressive 600,000 views!


Costs at the end! 💰 The path still looks great in the majority of places and we would definitely recommend having a go at this project but there’s no cutting corners! The places where it doesn’t is our fault and we’d do it slightly differently if we were to do it again. At one place along the path the edging has come loose (due to movement of the turf) and it’s crumbled because it’s not packed tightly in. There is a crack (that you can’t see unless you’re on top of it) where I suspect there has been movement of the sub base, it happened on the turn and the grids didn’t line up as well there. Because it’s permeable we have had a few weeds and used a spray with iron in to get rid of them and have a few rust patches. I’m hoping to get rid of them this summer! 🤞 The DIY kit is from @vubaresinproducts I’ll link a longer ‘how to’ in my stories if you fancy having a go at this project this year 💪 #resinpath #diyresinpath #vubaresinproducts

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The couple’s courage to create a DIY resin path has resonated with numerous individuals.

Furthermore, the comment section has evolved into a forum where different ideas collide and people share their insights.

So, feel free to share your ideas on a specific topic without hesitation. Your valuable input can contribute to expanding the knowledge of others.

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