Woman Wows Internet with Budget-Friendly ($57) DIY Coffee Table – See How She Did It

There’s something exceptional about enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning or even during those peaceful afternoons, and having a coffee table just enhances the whole experience. Unfortunately, coffee tables can be pretty pricey these days, but this woman discovered a clever hack.

@asperahj is a talented woman who has recently completed a mind-blowing DIY coffee table project that is not only stunning but also incredibly budget-friendly.

The video went viral, captivating the internet with a staggering 490k views.  All trying to figure out how this projects total cost was only $57.

Image Credit: TikTok @asperahj.

The Journey to Crafting the Perfect DIY Coffee Table

Ajalin started her journey by purchasing a beautiful brown basket from Target for only $36. 

The design was absolutely aesthetic, but it had two handles on the sides that needed to be removed for the basket to stand independently. No worries, though! She took out her trusty cutter and skillfully removed those handles.

Next, she used the wooden top she got from Home Depot for just $16. But before installing it, she knew she had to do some preparation.

Ajalin sanded down the wooden top to ensure a smooth surface.

To guarantee a flawless finish, she diligently wiped away any pesky dust or debris that could have compromised the final result.

And then, like a seasoned DIY pro, she snagged an incredible deal on a can of rich brown stain, which came at an absolute steal for just $4.99. The shade of brown was an absolute match made in heaven for her coffee table project.

With precision and care, Alijan delicately applied the rich, brown stain to the wooden top, ensuring that every inch was beautifully coated.

Image Credit: TikTok @asperahj.

After letting the stain sit for 15 minutes to dry, she carefully wiped the surface.

Three hours later, she once again applied the stain, layering on that luscious brown hue to achieve a depth of color that was simply captivating.

Next, it is important to measure the circumference of the basket. Ajalin made sure to make this clever move to ensure a seamless connection between the wooden top and the basket when she applied the glue.

With everything measured, she then glued the basket’s circumference, ensuring a secure bond. The closed side of the basket was what connected to the wooden top.

Ajalin applied pressure at the center once the glue was in place for firm adherence. Additionally, she placed another circular piece of wood on top and pressed it down.

And just like that, her DIY coffee table was complete. The best part? The total cost for this charming creation was only $57.

Can you believe it? It turned out to be an absolute cutie, perfectly adding style and functionality to her space.

Image Credit: TikTok @asperahj.

The Comment Section Became a Haven of Heartfelt Compliments on the Beauty of Her Work.

“This is the best thing ever. I have been SEARCHING for a table, and this is exactly what I want,” a fascinated woman commented.

“It’s super cute!” a DIY aficionado expressed.

“Creative, cost-effective – and beautiful!” one impressed follower stated.

“This looks so good!! Better than the one I was looking at!” one onlooker remarked.

The Incredible DIY Coffee Table That Redefines Style


S/o @Everything Eryn because I almost purchased something similar for $160 #diy #homedecor #dtx #coffeetable

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

Ajalin’s commitment to excellence truly paid off, as her DIY coffee table boasted a stunning finish that would make any coffee enthusiast weak in the knees.

This goes to show that with a keen eye and a touch of creativity, one can discover hidden treasures in the aisles of everyday stores. Whether it’s a charming brown basket from Target or a wooden top from Home Depot, there’s always something you can transform into a valuable and stylish piece.

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