This Couple Turned Scrap Trampolines Into a Mind-Blowing DIY Cheap Greenhouse!

Imagine having your own greenhouse for your precious plants, shielding them from harsh weather conditions and pesky insects while boosting their productivity. Sounds fantastic, right?

The only downside is the hefty cost of hiring a builder and purchasing materials. But hold on, what if there’s a way to create your dream greenhouse on a budget, all by yourself?

Enter the story of an incredible couple on TikTok who turned a couple of old trampolines and a bunch of recycled materials into their very own DIY cheap greenhouse. They transformed these unlikely items into a horticultural haven in just a week and with a mere $340!

Photo Credit: Tik Tok @jorganvonstrangegirl.

The video showcasing their project has garnered heaps of positive comments praising their ingenuity and awesomeness. Prepare yourself to be captivated by their remarkable resourcefulness and innovative ideas!

From Trash to Treasure: How Trampolines Became an Extraordinary DIY Cheap Greenhouse!

 This couple truly nailed it!

They showed incredible intelligence in cutting the steel tubes of the trampoline into half arcs and placing them on each side as the foundation.

Photo Credit: Tik Tok @jorganvonstrangegirl.

Adding wooden pieces was a clever move, not only creating a connection on the other side of the steel tube but also supporting the plastic cover that acts as a greenhouse. Talk about resourcefulness!

And let’s not forget the ingenious idea of using sin material to cover the lower part, which not only served as a foundation but also added a solid base to the entire structure.

Oh, and the wooden door they installed? It’s absolutely adorable and creative!

To top it all off, they wisely chose a staple gun to attach the cover across the foundation, ensuring a secure and neat fit. Smart move, my friend! The result? A masterpiece! Once everything was covered, the transformation was absolutely stunning.

Now, let’s step inside. The setup they created is seriously impressive. They even thought of putting a cozy chair inside for some chill time, just enjoying the view of their beautiful plants.

This Couple Indeed Nails the DIY Game!


We built a greenhouse out of a couple of old trampolines and almost all of it is made of recycled materials. It took about a week and cost around $340. @_ryancagle #greenhouse #upcycle #recycle #reuse #trampolinegreenhouse #trampoline #garden #affordablegreenhouse #growyourownfood #growyourfood #raisedbed #freefood #buildstuff #diy #doityourself #bestfriends

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The video truly captures their joy and enthusiasm as they enjoy every moment of installing their trampoline greenhouse.

It’s heartwarming to witness the unwavering support and teamwork between this couple as they tackle this task together.

No Wonder Why This Project Has Touched the Hearts of So Many Viewers!

People are amazed by how incredible this couple’s idea was to turn a trampoline into a DIY greenhouse.

An amazed follower commented: “Good job! Created that pretty well, love to see it now.”

A stunned fan expressed: “It looks awesome! I’m blown away at how much y’all have learned!”

One garden enthusiast stated: “This just took me down a total rabbit hole and will be picking a free trampoline up tomorrow to do this!”

The Ultimate Greenhouse Hack: Repurposing Trampolines for an Eco-Friendly Oasis

Do you know what’s impressive? If you pause and appreciate the things around you, you’ll realize that the possibilities for DIY projects are endless.

It’s mind-blowing how their creativity and ingenuity took something as unexpected as a trampoline and transformed it into a functional and beautiful greenhouse.

Their capacity to think beyond conventional boundaries and create something so unique and useful is truly inspiring. No wonder this project has captivated the attention and admiration of so many!

So, next time you’re tempted to throw something away, pause and consider how you can transform it. Challenge yourself to see the hidden potential and embark on a journey of DIY discovery.

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