When Life Gives You Leaning Fences, Build a Chicken Paradise! How This Couple Built a Cheap DIY Chicken Coop

So, picture this: you have an old, dilapidated fence leaning and barely holding up. It’s frustrating, right? But before you think about tearing it down and replacing it, how about transforming it into something useful like a chicken coop? How cool is that?

This man had an incredible idea. Instead of letting the fence go to waste, he found a way to repurpose it and give it a new lease on life. Not only did he make the fence sturdy and straight, but he also transformed it into a functional and practical chicken coop. Talk about thinking outside the box!

A TikTok user shared a video that captures her fiancé’s journey of constructing the entire DIY cheap chicken coop with the help of their old fence. So, fasten your tool belts and prepare for a coop-construction adventure that will make you clutch in admiration.

DIY chicken coop
Photo Credit: TikTok @monnacomedy.

Leaning Fence? No Problem! Witness the Incredible DIY Cheap Chicken Coop Makeover

You might wonder how he pulled this off without breaking the bank. Well, he’s a smart one.

He utilized recycled materials like the wood he had lying around the house. By doing so, he saved money on construction materials and also contributed to reducing waste. It’s a win-win situation!

To ensure that the foundation of the coop was rock solid, he went the extra mile and added concrete to the wooden supports embedded in the soil. This way, the coop would stand firm, with no risk of collapsing or leaning.

The borders surrounding the chicken coop are cleverly attached to the fence, serving a dual purpose. Not only do they prevent the coop from falling, but they also work their magic to straighten the fence’s foundation. It’s like a genius two-in-one solution.

By ingeniously combining these elements, this man has created a coop that is not only sturdy and secure but also utilizes the existing fence structure brilliantly. It’s all about maximizing resources and ensuring every component serves a valuable function.

Kudos to this innovative approach proving necessity is the mother of invention!

Bright Ideas With Solar Power

Not only did he work wonders with the construction, but he also took it a step further by installing solar-powered lights inside the chicken coop.

This ingenious move serves multiple purposes! The lights illuminate the chickens, keeping them active and engaged even during darker hours.

Not only does this promote their well-being and natural behaviors, but it also helps combat the chilliness that can set in during colder seasons.

Moreover, the illuminated environment is crucial in preventing accidents and injuries, as the chickens can navigate their space safely and efficiently.

It’s truly a thoughtful and practical addition that enhances the flock’s functionality and welfare.

More Clever Ideas

Inside the coop, there’s a clever design element. A raised wooden platform in the middle allows the chickens to move freely and explore different areas. It’s like their own little chicken playground!

But it doesn’t end there. This man and his fiancée decided to go green and environmentally friendly. They scattered wood chips across the coop, providing a perfect covering for the floor and ensuring sustainability. Those lucky chickens get to enjoy a cozy and natural habitat!

The convenience factor was not overlooked either. A large door was installed on the side, giving the couple easy access to monitor their feathered friends whenever they pleased. It’s all about keeping an eye on those clucky little buddies.

And let’s not forget the small door that allows them to go in and out of the coop and the adorable ladder leading them back to the ground. Talk about attention to detail!

Note: Don’t forget to include an area in the run for chicken dust baths.

To top it all off, they painted the coop a rust red, adding a touch of rustic beauty. It’s safe to say that this chicken coop is a sight to behold!

Photo Credit: TikTok @monnacomedy.

Throughout the entire project, the progress was impressive. Step by step, this man transformed a worn-out fence into a masterpiece of craftsmanship and creativity. The result? A spacious chicken coop with ample air ventilation and a charming barn vibe.

Viewers Couldn’t Help but Be Inspired by This Remarkable Display of Resourcefulness and Craftsmanship.

“This is awesome,” an amazed follower expressed.

“I’m impressed!” one stunned DIY enthusiast commented.

“Great Chicken parents!” an impressed woman stated.

When Life Gives You Leaning Fences, Build a Chicken Paradise!

So, the next time your fence misbehaves, remember there’s always a chance to turn it into something extraordinary. With a bit of creativity, recycled materials, and a whole lot of love, you can create a unique space like this chicken coop.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire others to follow in your footsteps and give their old fences a new purpose.

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