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Thanks for stopping by! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve acquired hipchickfarms.com. Originally founded by two hip chicks themselves, Jen and Serafina. To pursue their goal of providing food with the freshest, most sustainable, and locally sourced ingredients.

These two sold Hip Chick Farms’ product line of artisan frozen chicken and poultry- located in Sebastopol, CA. What stood out was that they had a farm and a Humane Certification by Global Animal Partnership. You could tell their love for their food and animals in what they did.

That makes us proud to continue promoting locally sourced food (how much closer could you get than fresh eggs right outside your back door?) and ethical treatment of the animals.

Unfortunately, we will not have the fantastic frozen products and food dished up by Chef Jen, but we hope to provide you with the knowledge to cook up your own dishes and how to raise chickens for out-of-this-world healthy and tasty eggs.

We welcome all and hope to serve you with the same level of care and excellence!

Are you interested in sustainability, along with local, organic food? Then, chickens could be the answer, even if you don’t want to raise them yourself. 

There’s a big difference in taste and health between a factory-farmed chicken and a pasture-raised one. Whether on a small farm or in a backyard. This includes eggs as well. 

When you, as a consumer, choose one chicken/egg over another, you vote for the chain of events that led from a piece of land, farmer, and farming philosophy to the store. 

Happy and healthy chickens led to more nutritious food and less environmental impact. Plus, the food will taste better (recipes below). Nature of Home aims to be a complete guide for all things chicken related.

Chicken Recipes

Are you looking for delicious new ways to prepare chicken? Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or a seasoned pro, these recipes are sure to please. From one-pot dishes to grilled favorites, we have plenty of recipes sure to become staples in your home.

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Egg Recipes

If you love eggs, then look no further. We’ve got the best egg recipes to help you make delicious and nutritious meals in a snap. From breakfast scrambles to lunchtime frittatas, these recipes will have your taste buds singing in no time.

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Chicken & Egg Restaurants

Are you a chicken connoisseur looking for the best places to get your fix? Whether you’re searching for fried, grilled, or rotisserie chicken, we’ve rounded up the top chicken restaurants from around the country. So get ready to satisfy your cravings with these tasty finds!

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Chicken Breeds

Are you thinking of adding some chickens to your backyard? Whether you’re looking for egg layers, dual-purpose breeds, or ornamental birds, there are many different chicken breeds available. We’ll discuss the different types and which ones will suit your needs best.

Chicken Coops

Are you thinking of getting backyard chickens? Or, looking for ways to make your chickens more comfortable and healthy? If so, then an introduction to deep-litter chicken coops may be just what you need.

We inherited a previous homeowners’ coop when we first started with backyard chickens. Thinking a bare dirt chicken coop run was typical. And while, unfortunately, it is all too common, our sick chickens and the research that followed taught us why this was a huge mistake.

After months of reading, we learned about deep-littler chicken coops and runs. They have been used for decades, and you won’t ever go back once you know and experience the benefits.