10 Best Home Products To Simplify Your Life

Are you searching for home products with great value that will simplify your life and living space? Then, we’ve got you covered. These items have been game-changers in saving time and money while helping you stay more organized.  

1. Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum

A robot vacuum is a worthy investment, especially if you have hard floors and pets. You can schedule it to run using an app on your phone to ensure fuzzies and dander don’t build up. 

In addition, they are generally quiet and help if you suffer from dust allergies. It reduces sweeping. Also, if you have playful kitties, be prepared for curiosity!

2. Reusable Food Storage Bags

reusable food storage bags

Reusable bags have been a game-changer in organizing my fridge, freezer, and kid’s lunches while reducing my plastic waste consumption. The bags are made from silicone and hold up well. Additionally, they are anti-leak and dishwasher safe, and I wonder why I didn’t get them sooner. 

3. Instant Pot

instant pot on kitchen counter

Instant Pot is your new best friend if you’re not a gourmet chef or are pressed for time in the kitchen. The number of meals I’ve dumped into the pot – pushed a button, and then served that tasted restaurant quality is unreal. Hard-boiled eggs can be ready in 15 minutes with a push of a button.

It reduces the cooking time, and the food comes out perfectly. It’s my favorite home product that simplifies life. A Google or Pinterest search makes using the product simple and fun. 

4. A Compost Bin

composing food waste in a large bin

Composting is a game-changer for gardeners and anti-waste consumers, and it’s not complicated. Leftover food (even fruit such as bananas) and yard waste make up more than 30% of residential trash, so composting benefits your soil, garbage bill, the environment, and future generations. 

5. Dry-Erase Board

dry-erase board for home use.

A dry-erase board simplifies life by allowing you a place to write down all those things that you don’t want to forget. I have mine on the wall for running to when I’m on the phone with a doctor or other professional who suddenly spouts out the information I need to remember. Or, for those random thoughts you want to revisit later, such as a phone call to check in on someone. 

6. A Calendar

paper calendar

I realize we’ve moved into a digital age, but nothing beats a physical calendar for organizing your life. Having a physical copy in front of you is a better reminder than waiting for your phone to remind you. 

I prefer a dry-erase calendar that sticks to my wall. It’s less wasteful and can’t be misplaced. However, a desk calendar or wall calendar works if that’s your preference. 

7. Video Doorbell

ring video doorbell

A video doorbell is a life-savor. You never have to answer your door blindly again. The camera is accessible from an app on your phone. In addition to seeing who is at your door, you can speak to people through the app. 

Also, it records video, so you have evidence if someone steals packages from your porch or attempts to break into your vehicle (if on camera).

8. Amazon Alexa

amazon alexa device

My favorite way to simplify my life is using Alexa in the home. I was skeptical at first. However, asking Alexa questions, adding things to a shopping list from any place in my house, and using it for timers while cooking makes me more organized and helps things run more smoothly. 

Additionally, the Amazon Echo screens are great. They allow you to watch Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. Think of cooking videos in the kitchen. I love them for having a recipe before me, so I can cook without checking my phone every fifteen seconds.

9. Smart Plugs

smart plugs for home

While on the subject of Alexa, smart plugs are one of the best inventions for simplifying life. Whatever you plug into the smart plug pairs with your Alexa. So when you come home with hands full, you can say, “Alexa, turn on living room lights.” They are also accessible through the app, so you can turn things off and on when you’re not home. 

10. Electric Chopper

electric food chopper

An electric chopper is a godsend for meal preparation. Electric choppers eliminate the time it takes to cut, slice, mince, and shred foods. Additionally, they take up little space and are easy to clean up.

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