No Can Opener, No Problem: 2 Ingenious Ways to Open Cans & Unleash Your Inner MacGyver

Picture this: you’re deep in the wilderness, the fire is roaring, and your hunger is mounting. You reach for your canned dinner, only to realize – the can opener is missing. The prospect of a hungry night under the stars looms. 

But what if the solution to your problem is right under your nose or even under your feet? What if a common utensil in your backpack could be your savior? 

Prepare to rethink how you approach canned food with these simple yet ingenious ways on how to open cans without a can opener that require nothing more than a bit of resourcefulness and items you’re likely to have.

2 Ways: How to Open Cans Without a Can Opener

1. The Unexpected Solution

The first method involves using a common material that’s often overlooked.

Here’s how to open a tuna can without a can opener:

  1. Find the material: This could be a common outdoor material, a surface that’s hard and abrasive enough to wear down the metal of the can.
  2. Rub the can against the material: Hold the can sideways and rub the top edge (where the lid meets the can body) against the material. Apply consistent pressure and make sure to rotate the can to work around the entire edge.
  3. Check the progress: After a few minutes of rubbing, check the can. You should see the metal starting to thin and the seal beginning to break. If not, keep rubbing.
  4. Open the can: Once the seal is sufficiently worn down, you can open the can by gently squeezing it. The lid should pop up, allowing you to remove it and access the contents of the can.

The video “How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20” demonstrates this method.

2. The Spoon Alternative

But what if the first method isn’t an option? What if the material isn’t available? Don’t worry, for there is an alternative method that utilizes a common utensil found in most kitchens – a spoon.

Here’s how to open a can with a spoon:

  1. Grip the spoon: Hold the spoon firmly in the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub the spoon on the can: Hold onto the can and start rubbing the tip of the spoon back and forth on the top while pushing down hard to make a groove.
  3. Cut the can: Once you’ve pierced a hole through the top, use the edge of the spoon to cut all the way around the top slowly.
  4. Open the can: When you’ve cut around far enough, you can fold over the top and access the food.

This method creates a sharp and jagged edge, so be very careful if you try it. Consider wearing safety gloves to protect your hands.

Now Time to Show Off

Whether you’re out camping, dealing with a power outage at home, or find yourself in an emergency situation, knowing how to open a can without a can opener can be a real lifesaver. These methods are a testament to human ingenuity and the power of simple solutions. 

So the next time you find yourself in a bind, remember these tricks. Not only will you be able to enjoy your canned meal, but you’ll also have a great story to tell. 

After all, who wouldn’t be impressed by someone who can open a can with nothing but a piece of common material or a spoon?

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