10 Beautiful Houseplants That Remove Dust & Reduce Cleaning

Did you know that you can reduce dust and keep cleaning to a minimum with select house plants? It’s true, and it’s beautiful. Here are ten great houseplants that remove dust and help reduce cleaning.

1. The Rubber Plant

rubber plant in basket
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The rubber plant is a great choice when looking for a plant to keep your home clean. Not only do these large leaves absorb all of the pollutants in your home air, but the wax-like surface allows dust particles to become trapped, keeping them from spreading and accumulating around your house. 

2. All Types of Ivy

english ivy plant
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Ivy is an excellent choice for keeping a clean household. All types of ivy can effectively purify the air from unseen toxins, such as octane and benzene. They also trap dust in the crowded foliage draping down. In addition, since ivy is typically hung at a higher elevation, the air quality tends to be much cleaner and healthier for everyone in the house.

3. The Pygmy Date Palm

 Pygmy Date Palm
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The Pygmy Date Palm is a gorgeous addition to any household. This palm, in particular, is a highly effective air purifier. This plant can absorb harmful toxins like formaldehyde and xylene, which can make you sick if exposed to them for an extended period. This palm also filters out the tiny dust particles in the air that can accumulate on your surfaces.

4. The Peace Lilly

peace lily houseplant
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Peace lilies are so powerful in their air purification that they can even absorb microscopic mold spores in the air and all the harmful pollutants like benzene and toluene. They can also absorb acetone vapors, which can be very detrimental to your health, including the cause of headaches, low blood pressure, fatigue, and dizziness.

5. Bamboo

Palm hamedorea bamboo in a pot
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Bamboo is an excellent choice for your household. It is aesthetically pleasing and a large decorative piece, but it also reduces most dust from a fifty-square-foot area with two planted. In addition, bamboo is exceedingly effective at removing carbon dioxide from the air and many harmful gases.

6. The Spider Plant

spider plant
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Spider plants fulfill every need. They are pet-safe, low maintenance, and remove air pollutants, especially carbon monoxide, better than most other plans. Spider plants are also easily propagated, allowing them to improve the air quality in every room in your house.

7. The ZZ Plant

zz plant in a white pot
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The ZZ Plant is lesser known but has low maintenance, like the spider plant. This plant has aesthetically pleasing dark green leaves with a wax-like appearance that efficiently traps dust particles to keep them out of your air. If you place this plant in the bathroom, then this plant will only require an occasional mist to remove any air pollutants from your room.

8. Pothos

golden pothos plant care for a thriving plant.
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Pothos is one of the poignant plants when it comes to reducing airborne toxins, such as benzene and xylene. Pothos grows in large strands with gorgeous broad leaves with wax-like seals. Like many other plans on the list, this helps the plant to trap those pesky dust particles that would usually settle on your belongings.

9. The Snake Plant

snake plant lighting
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Snake plants are a great choice when looking for a plant that keeps the dust to a minimum and doesn’t require constant maintenance to thrive. They do best in indirect sunlight, so they are perfect for people in apartments with minimal lighting. 

Snake plants have large, upright, aesthetically pleasing leaves, which make them very interesting conversational and decorative pieces in the household. Similar to the others, snake plants are very effective in absorbing formaldehyde and benzene.

10. The Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy
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Gerbera Daisies offer a distinct pop of color you may not get from others. Not only do they collect dust with their vast and luscious leaves, but these flowers also draw dust to their petals, allowing them to keep the entire area around them cleaner. In addition, they also absorb all of those harmful air pollutants that negatively impact your health.

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