Money Tree Meaning: What Does This Chinese Plant Mean + Symbolism

The money tree plant is one of those great plants that stand out with their look, and it also has a significant meaning behind it. Many people don’t know that the money tree is a combination of multiple Pachira Aquatica trees braided together as they grow.

This broadleaf evergreen plant is native to South and Central America. Over the years, it accumulated many different names, with Good Luck Tree, Provision tree, Pumpo, French Peanut, and Saba Nut being prime examples.

Another exciting thing about the money tree is that it can grow up to 60 feet tall in the wild. That might be difficult for indoor plants as most indoor ones can only get so tall. Still, it shows the size and vibrancy that this type of plant can bring to the table. If you have a braided money tree plant, it can be anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall when you keep it inside, which is quite tall compared to other indoor plants.

Let’s dive into money tree meaning and symbolism.

When Did The Money Tree Become Popular?

Many people think that this plant has been around for quite some time. That’s not exactly the case here. The plant was first cultivated in Taiwan during the 1980s by a truck driver. Since then, it quickly became a significant example of prosperity.

It’s also why many Feng Shui practitioners think very highly of the money tree plant, and they continue to focus on growing various money tree forms.

There are mini money trees, money tree forests, and larger money trees. That means you won’t have a problem finding the right one that suits your needs and requirements.

Money Tree Plant Spiritual Meaning

Pachira Aquatica

Ever since it was created and first planted in Taiwan, the main idea around the money tree is that this is a plant that signifies abundance, prosperity, and good luck.

People associate this plant with strength, power, richness, and much fortune. It’s also why the braided stem is very popular worldwide, and Pachira symbolizes things like wealth, happiness, and good energy. 

Another thing that people believe in is that if the person owning this tree can grow it and take care of it, they will have even more good luck.

With that being said, if you gift a money tree to someone, the person receiving it will be happier and acquire a lot more wealth. Some of these plants also have bright, glossy foliage, which helps add goodness and very positive energy to the entire property. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that a legend was born along with the cultivation of this money tree.

The idea is that a man was initially down, and he discovered the money tree, took it home, and soon started cultivating more trees. Eventually, he started selling the trees and made a fortune.

This tale is one of the reasons why money trees are so popular, especially in locations such as East Asia. It’s gotten to the point where the money tree is gifted within a business or between businesses as a sign of good luck. 

Since this plant has a braided trunk, people say it’s purposefully like that so that it can trap fortune.

There are five leaves, each representing metal, wind, water, fire, and earth. You can sometimes find a money tree stalk with seven leaves, but that’s rare. If you do find one like that, it’s said that you will have a tremendous amount of luck, which is an excellent thing for the owner. 

It’s even possible to see many businesses keeping a money tree near their cash register so that it can provide good fortune. All these traditions are great, and they continue to be very popular, which certainly adds to this particular tree’s overall appeal and popularity.

It’s exciting and among some of the best plants that signify and attract fortune to the owner.

Is The Money Tree Plant Lucky?

lucky money tree

It can be difficult to measure just how much luck a plant can bring to an owner. However, tradition shows that people with a money tree tend to succeed more.

Whether it’s a placebo effect or the plant does actively have any way to influence you remains to be seen.

It’s still incredible to see how it all adds together and how a plant has gathered such a reputation over the years. It stands out compared to many others, and people appreciate its design and meaning all the same.

Money Tree Meaning as a Gift

If you choose to share the money tree as a gift, you’re gifting another person good luck and the chance to have more riches and achieve success in their projects.

In many cultures worldwide, giving a money tree has become very common since people wish each other all the best things and truly focus on making the process as simple as possible.

It’s incredible to see how it all comes together and how people want to influence other people’s lives positively. 

Money Tree and Money Plant the Same?

The money tree and money plant are pretty much the same things, at least when it comes to meaning.

In reality, they are different plants.

The money tree is Pachira Aquatica, whereas money plants are Pilea Peperomioides, Crassula ovata, Epipremnum Aureum, and others. So even if it seems that the two plants are very similar to one another, they do have quite the difference, and that’s undoubtedly a thing to consider. 

The money plant is not exactly in the form of a tree, and it’s significantly smaller.

On top of that, these plants tend to have a lot more leaves, which is undoubtedly a thing to consider as much as possible.

What Does 6 Leaves on a Money Tree Mean?

Seeing 6 leaves on a money tree means you will have good luck.

It’s important to note that a regular money tree usually has 5 to 6 leaves, not more than that. Of course, 5 and 6 leaves tend to be the more common option, but it can be a sign of good luck even then.

That’s why it’s good to keep an eye out and see just how many leaves your money tree has.

7 Leaves Money Tree (Meaning)

If you see seven leaves on a money tree, you have even more good luck. Many even recommend you to buy a lottery ticket because this is a rare sign, and you rarely have the opportunity to access something like this.

This is amazing because a money tree can be pretty rare, but the fact that it also has seven leaves makes it shine. 

Chinese Money Plant Tradition

There are many different traditions related to the money tree, although it mostly has to do with the culture.

In this case, the Chinese money plant tradition is fascinating, and it seems to work for some people. The idea here is that you want to place a coin in the soil of your money plant. Doing that will automatically start to attract more wealth.

You can hear tales of people getting rich and generating wealth because they did this.

There’s no way to know if stuff like this works, but the potential is certainly there, making it unique and different.

It’s worth a shot; at the very least, you will have a great plant within your home and nothing more. But who knows, it might also attract more wealth and happiness to you, so stuff like this truly stands out.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Money Tree?

money tree leaves

Aside from the potential benefit of attracting wealth and happiness, the money tree also has real-life benefits.

One of them is that it can help purify the air from many different airborne pollutants. If you have a money tree in your home, it can help with keeping your indoor air clean. Money tree plants help filter xylene, benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde (NASA PDF on air-purifying plants).

Less anxiety and stress are also possible if you have a money tree.

Legends say this type of plant helps lower stress; it can also help with anxiety and reduce arguments. Some people say it also helped them deal with various sleep disorders. More studies need to take place in that regard, but the stories are promising. 

Many of us have electronics and devices that generate radiation, so having a money tree you use as an EMF blocker can come in handy. As they are said to be able to absorb EMF radiation. You can also keep the money tree near the Wi-Fi router, a known radiation source.

The plant is also known to help remove nitrates from aquarium water, and it might even neutralize the sick building syndrome (caused by poor indoor air quality – EPA PDF).

Some say it will also absorb all the negative energy from surrounding areas, which can be incredibly helpful.

Having a plant that spreads positivity within your home is always good. We recommend giving it a try and getting a money tree if you want to decorate your home while also accessing some of these benefits. 

Tips for Growing Your Money Tree

  • It’s an excellent idea to have some direct sunlight and indirect sunlight. Rotating the tree regularly helps since it evens out the light distribution, you can prevent situations when your tree has too much light.
  • You want to have nutrient-rich soil with proper drainage when it comes to the soil. We recommend going with a well-draining potting mix, or you can choose to add gravel and sand. Doing the latter thing will give extra porousness.
  • Watering the money tree is not that complicated since this plant only needs watering once a week to twice a month. If you have the plant in direct sunlight, that can dry it out, so you will need to provide it with more water, which is very important.
  • Regarding the temperature, you want to have a warm environment, ideally between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, this is the type of plant that can be very forgiving. It does need extra moisture, and thus you should try to mist the money tree as often as you can. During the winter, you can place it in a pebble tray, as it helps boost the humidity.
  • A money tree doesn’t need to be braided, it’s primarily up to you, but it can be something to try out. There are guides on how to braid a money tree if you prefer a braided trunk.


As you can see, getting a money tree is an excellent idea, and it can bring in a fantastic plant-growing experience for you as well.

It is not a very demanding plant, and there are all kinds of variations to choose from. It also has excellent physical health benefits like purifying the air around it also helps quite a bit.

However, it’s the money tree that makes people gravitate toward it. The opportunity to have a plant that has a positive influence on your financial health is terrific, and it’s one of the main reasons the money tree has become so popular!

While you can’t expect to buy a plant and have a pot of gold the next day, it’s the fun and meaning that counts.

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