Get the Perfect Outdoor Furniture: 6 Expert Buying Tips

Imagine your perfect summer day. The sun is shining, a gentle breeze drifts through your hair, the aroma of a smoky barbecue is in the air, and you’re in your outdoor lounge, sinking into your comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture. 

Now, this picture-perfect summer setting isn’t too far from reality, especially when you’ve got expert tips for buying outdoor furniture by Raf Michalowski, offering his invaluable insights on the perfect setup for the coming summer.

“Summers are the epitome of outdoor living, and your outdoor furniture sets the stage for all those precious moments,” Raf says.

Here are six tips to help you make your outdoor furniture dream a reality.

1. Sectioning & Specifying: Crafting Spaces with Outdoor Furniture

Michalowski emphasizes the need to use furniture effectively to delineate and create distinct areas in your backyard.

“Set up an outdoor table near your barbecue to serve as the perfect spot for dining and conversating. Create a lounge area in a different spot and use sofas or swings for relaxing,” he recommends.

This not only adds to the functionality of your outdoor space but also injects a hefty dose of style into your yard.

2. Blend & Balance: The Interplay of Patterns and Styles

One might think mixing patterns and styles could create a design disaster. But Michalowski suggests otherwise.

Incorporating different patterns and styles lends your yard a unique and personal touch. 

He recommends placing metal chairs beside a cozy outdoor sofa to augment your lounge area. “The style and metal of the chairs will surely pop next to a comfortable sofa,” he remarks.

3. Focus & Furniture: Centering on an Area

Creating a focal point in your yard and arranging furniture around it can drastically enhance its aesthetic appeal. A backyard koi pond would be an excellent idea for this.

“Surround the areas you find most appealing with your furniture to tie it all together and give it a stunning look. Use this area for seating to promote a relaxing and beautiful view while you lounge with your loved ones,” Michalowski advises.

4. Weather & Wear: Factor In The Elements

Michalowski underscores the importance of factoring in weather conditions when shopping for outdoor furniture. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to certain materials used in outdoor furniture.

“If you are looking for something with fabric, find a fabric that is UV resistant to withstand damage from the sun. You might even find a shade structure to protect your furniture as much as possible and keep it away from direct sunlight,” he suggests.

Michalowski also advises investing in furniture covers for sun, water, and wind protection.

5. Fur & Fabric: Keeping Pets In Mind

When it comes to accommodating pets, Michalowski (founder of Meble Furniture) suggests opting for furniture with removable fabric covers that can be washed as needed and choosing durable materials that can withstand pets’ claws and teeth.

“It is critical to think about your pets when buying outdoor furniture. If you choose something like wood, you run the risk of your pet damaging it, but if you choose something made out of metal, your pet won’t get through it as easily,” he advises.

6. Enjoy & Experiment: Make It Your Own

Last, but not least, remember to enjoy the process. Your yard and outdoor furniture are the perfect backdrops for creating treasured memories with your family and friends.

Finding the right outdoor furniture is a personal journey that depends on your focal point, style preferences, and functional needs. “Keep outdoor furniture unique to you and your needs,” Raf concludes.

With Ray’s insightful tips at your disposal this summer, breathe new life into your outdoor space and make it your personal paradise.

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