The Famous Illinois 3 Foot Wide House aka “Pie House”

The “skinny house”, or “pie house” as it is referred to by locals, has taken Tik Tok by storm recently. Located in Deerfield, Illinois this uniquely shaped property recently sold for $295,000!

Take a look at this slice of history for yourself. 

3-Feet of Quirky Living

skinny house

While the front of this house looks like your normal two-story American dream, the real view happens when you look at it from the side.

We almost mistook this for one of those fake house fronts we see in those makeshift cities. Measuring only 3 feet wide, it leaves many wondering where you are meant to live. 

However, this house actually forms a wedge shape, like a piece of pie, with the rest of the house being around 20 feet wide! Now we know why it’s lovingly called the “pie house” by its neighbors.

pie house

This isn’t a tiny home by any stretch and has a square footage of 1,600 feet with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a finished basement. With all that space it is perfect for a small family. 

These spaces aren’t small either, so don’t fear if you’re claustrophobic! One bathroom is big enough for a double sink space and a tub with room to spare.

And while the other bathrooms are located in the smallest part of the wedge, people who have been in them claim they seem like a normal size.

The open-concept kitchen will make you think you are in a regular house. The stairs are thoughtfully placed in the largest part of the wedge shape to be able to reach each of the 3 levels with ease.

A True Star

The Deerfield skinny house is as popular as it is weird. When it first went up for sale (zillow link) in 2020, a video of the home was posted on TikTok, a social media platform known for short viral videos, by Tik Tok user @eli.korns_.

After the house blew up on Tik Tok with viewers questioning how you fit anything in there and were justifiably confused by the layout.

One Tik Tok user asked if the “stairs” were actually a ladder or spiral because they couldn’t figure out how owners moved between levels. He continued to post follow-up videos detailing the house, growing interest in it more and more.

Because of this, the house has also been spotlighted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and has been written about on many media sites.

It’s no wonder why this unconventional home has now entered some of the proud history of the famous North Shore of Chicago.

What’s the Reason for a 3 ft wide house?

We know people don’t necessarily need a reason to build weird things, but still, we can’t help but ask why. Turns out this house is oddly shaped out of necessity! 

A byproduct of local property ordinances, the skinny house sits on a 3,876 sq ft corner lot and is carefully designed to make the most out of the regulations.

These rules laid out clear guidelines about how much space needed to be between the house and its neighbors and roadways.

Alan Berlow, with Coldwell Banker Realty and the realtor for the house, highlighted why this house was built this way. Originally built in 2003, the homeowners made the most of the 40% of the lot they were allowed to use. 

The square footage isn’t the only carefully crafted part of this house. Due to its peculiar floor plan, the builders and original homeowners had to get creative about storage.

The bedrooms sit in the largest part of the home. The Master bedroom actually boasts a 19-foot width.

Built-in compact storage areas are seen throughout the living room and other areas. 

The Layout Inside the 3 Foot Wide House

The pie-wedge-shaped house leaves a lot of people scratching their heads in amazement, but don’t worry, we’re here to explain the layout.

It has an open floor plan with a high ceiling that makes it feel like any other house on the inside.

The ground floor places the kitchen and dining area in the largest part, followed by the living room and bathroom number one.

The second floor contains the Master bedroom and Master bath along with a walk-in closet. The second bedroom with its 17-foot width is in the basement with the third bathroom.

The unusual design of this townhouse still found a way to incorporate a large patio and parking pad as well. 

 Final Thoughts on the Skinny House

If you ever find yourself in the Village of Deerfield, make sure to swing by and see this curiosity of real estate for yourself. This local wonder is as charming inside as it is unique outside.

The pie house has earned its place in the list of unique houses in America for sure.

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