Couple Makes $10,000 Monthly from Growing Microgreens In their Basement

In the quiet suburbs north of Calgary, a remarkable story of entrepreneurship and sustainable living is unfolding.

Imagine turning your basement into a thriving microgreen farm, generating impressive revenues while championing a new wave of urban farming.

Welcome to Micro Acres, a small-scale agricultural venture that’s not only redefining what it means to have a home-based business but also revolutionizing our approach to local, sustainable food sources.

The Humble Beginnings of Micro Acres

David and Kerstin, the husband-and-wife team behind Micro Acres, have transformed their basement in Airdrie, Alberta, into a 400-square-foot oasis of microgreen cultivation.

With about 170 trays in rotation, they manage an operation that remarkably pulls in about $10,000 a month. This feat is accomplished with a 40-hour work week, balancing their entrepreneurial spirit with family life and full-time jobs.

A Day In the Life at Micro Acres

Their week is a well-oiled machine, starting early on Tuesdays with harvests and deliveries to over 30 restaurants within a five-mile radius. Their approach is strategic and efficient, focusing on local deliveries to minimize overhead costs.

The rest of the week is a rhythm of planting, managing the farm, and fulfilling their roles as parents. Their weekends are just as busy, with Sunday being a significant delivery day for restaurants and hotels.

Innovations & Inspirations

different types of microgreens in a large tray
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One of the key aspects of Micro Acres’ success is their use of two-inch deep flats for growing, a deviation from the standard one-inch used by most microgreen growers.

This choice not only aids in cleanliness and waste reduction but also improves the structure and flavor of the microgreens. They also prioritize biodegradable and compostable containers, sourced from a company in Los Angeles, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

Impact Beyond the Farm

Micro Acres is not just about growing greens; it’s about nurturing a community.

They supply a diverse range of microgreens to the University of Calgary, which has revamped its food program to include healthier options for students. This partnership highlights the broader impact of Micro Acres’ work, integrating health and nutrition into everyday life.

The Culinary Connection

David’s background in culinary arts and restaurant management gives Micro Acres an edge. Understanding food costs, quality, and sourcing has enabled them to offer competitively priced products while maintaining high-profit margins.

Their relationship with chefs and restaurants in Calgary is not just business; it’s a shared journey towards healthier, more sustainable food choices.

The Microgreen Market: Trends & Opportunities

Image Credit: rontik/Deposit Photos

Microgreens are gaining popularity for their nutritional value and versatility in culinary applications.

Micro Acres caters to this growing demand by providing unique varieties beyond the usual suspects like pea shoots and sunflowers. They’re introducing flavors like spicy mustard and radish, broadening the palate of consumers and chefs alike.

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