7 States with the Most Foxes in America: Ranked

Have you ever caught a fleeting glimpse of a bushy tail and a pair of bright eyes in your backyard? Foxes, with their cunning nature and striking appearance, are fascinating creatures that call America home. Yet, you might wonder, where in the U.S. do these elusive animals roam in the largest numbers?

The red fox is considered to be the most populous wild canid globally ¹. But its numbers can fluctuate significantly depending on the local environment.

Here, we take a journey to uncover which states boast the highest numbers of these woodland residents. Let’s explore the world of foxes and discover where they flourish in the wild.

1. Alaska: A Kingdom of Foxes

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Alaska stands out as a realm of vast wilderness and incredible wildlife, including a vast number of foxes. Here, both arctic foxes, with their white winter coats, and the fiery-hued red foxes coexist, surviving in the rugged terrain.

With an estimated 110,000 foxes wandering across Alaska and Canada (ref). Alaska’s pristine environment offers ample space and resources for foxes to thrive.

The arctic fox, adapted to life in the cold, makes its home in the northern areas, while red foxes are more commonly found in the state’s forests and coastal regions. Despite the harsh climate, these animals have shown remarkable resilience and the ability to adapt to the freezing Arctic conditions.

2. California: Sun, Surf & Swift Foxes

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Turning to the sunny state of California, the red fox is a common sight. However, it is the critically endangered Sierra Nevada red fox that draws attention, with an alarming count of only 18 to 39 remaining in the wild (ref). These foxes are unique to the mountainous regions of California and face threats from habitat loss and other environmental pressures.

California’s diverse landscape, from coastal areas to inland valleys, allows red foxes to be quite common, though conservation efforts are crucial to ensure the survival of the native subspecies. The presence of red foxes throughout the state illustrates the adaptability of these animals to an array of climates and habitats.

3. Colorado: Mountain High Fox Lives

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Colorado’s high-altitude life is perfect for the red fox. Its adaptability is evident in its presence across the state’s varied terrains. From the snow-capped peaks to the arid plains, red foxes are a common fixture, benefiting from Colorado’s trapping regulations designed to manage wildlife populations responsibly.

In the rocky mountain state, foxes have become a symbol of wildlife stewardship, and they play an essential role in the ecosystem. They control rodent populations and enrich the natural heritage of Colorado.

4. Connecticut: A Fox Haven in the Northeast

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Moving to the northeast of the United States, Connecticut harbors a healthy number of red foxes. These foxes in Connecticut are a mix of Native North American varieties and European ones brought over by colonizers (ref). This blend has resulted in a robust fox population that thrives across the state’s forests and coastal areas.

Foxes in the Constitution State are a common sight, adapting well to both the rural and increasingly suburban landscapes. Their widespread presence is a testament to the adaptability and resilience of these mammals.

5. Delaware: Foxes Galore by the Shore

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In Delaware, one of the smallest states, the red fox enjoys one of the most expansive and thriving populations in the country. A fact attributed to effective habitat management and a focus on conservation. Foxes here find refuge in various habitats, including urban areas, demonstrating an impressive ability to coexist with human development.

Delaware’s commitment to maintaining natural habitats has allowed fox populations to flourish. It’s not uncommon to find these sly creatures in both the quiet countryside and the busy city outskirts.

6. Florida: The Fox’s Tropical Playground

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In the sunny landscapes of Florida, red foxes are a familiar sight and have been since the 1950s (ref). Introduced to the state, they rapidly adapted to the tropical surroundings and are now considered naturalized residents. The fox population here illustrates the species’ impressive ability to take root and prosper in new environments.

These mammals have been an incredible success story in the Sunshine State, with their numbers growing steadily over the years. Whether traversing the Everglades or the suburbs, the red fox has made itself at home in Florida.

7. Georgia: Red Foxes in the Peach State

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Georgia’s diverse ecosystems provide a rich home to numerous red foxes. These animals are abundant and enjoy the state’s rural landscapes, thriving in open park areas and even adapting to life in suburban neighborhoods. Georgia’s foxes are a beloved part of local wildlife, often sighted by residents and visitors alike.

They have become a fixture in scenic Georgia, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coastal plains. Georgia’s red foxes are a brilliant example of nature’s adaptability.

These states from Alaska to Georgia, each offer a distinct backdrop for the lives of American foxes. As we’ve seen, these cunning creatures have an extraordinary ability to thrive in a variety of climates and settings.

The story of the red fox in America is one of success and survival, a tale that continues to evolve with ongoing conservation efforts.


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