Hummingbirds Love This Drought-Tolerant Lavender-Blue Perennial

Catmint (Nepeta) is a hardy, long-blooming perennial that attracts hummingbirds with its tubular lavender-blue flowers. This easy-care plant is a must-have for any hummingbird garden. With its long flowering period and drought tolerance once established, catmint provides consistent color and sustenance that keeps hummingbirds coming back all season. What Is Catmint? Catmint, or Nepeta, is … Read more

10 Effective Ways to Keep Grackles Away from Your Bird Feeders

Grackles. If you’re an avid bird watcher, just the mention of their name can stir a mix of admiration and frustration. These clever and aggressive birds have a knack for hijacking bird feeders, leaving little for the smaller, more desirable birds. But don’t despair! There are tried and tested methods to deter these feathered fiends … Read more

9 Things to Know about the Steller’s Jay: The Bold & Boisterous Bird

The Steller’s jay is a true standout in western North American forests with its vibrant blue coloring and raucous vocalizations. If you’ve ever encountered these crested corvids on your outdoor adventures, you won’t soon forget them!  Here are 10 fascinating facts about these charismatic birds: 1. Their Unmistakable Appearance With brilliant blue upperparts that almost … Read more

5 Things About the 1st U.S. Blue Rock-Thrush Oregon Sighting that Baffle Experts

Imagine stumbling upon a bird so rare that it’s never been seen before in your country.  That’s exactly what happened to Michael Sanchez, an amateur photographer from Washington, when he captured stunning images of a blue rock-thrush on the Oregon coast1. This extraordinary sighting has sent ripples through the birding community and left many wondering … Read more