Discover Snake Plant Varieties: 30+ Types of Dracaena Plants

Most people don't realize just how many varieties of this succulent are available!

They make excellent houseplants and are just as good in small spaces as in larger ones. In addition, snake plants tend to grow vertically, so if you have room for something tall but not wide.

37 Snake Plant Varieties

Now let’s look at some of the most popular sansevieria varieties and find out which would suit your needs and home the best.

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This variety is also known as sansevieria cylindrica because the leaves are cylinder shape.

1. African Spear

The name is from Gustav Bantel, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, who developed and patented it in 1948.

2. Bantel’s Sensation

The dark green leaves have bright yellow edges and do well in partial or full shade. Growing up to 3 feet tall.

3. Black Gold

Smaller than other varieties, this evergreen perennial rarely grows more than 12 inches high.

4. Bird’s Nest

It has long, sword-shaped leaves which grow vertically. Olive green leaves that have light green strips across them.

5. Ceylon Bowstring

Named after the famous Queen of Egypt, this pretty snake plant likes bright, warm light and appreciates being watered every week or two.

6. Cleopatra Dracaena

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Check out the full article: We cover all 37 varieties of snake plants so you can choose the best for you.

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