showing r-value on pink insulation foam board

What Is R-Value For Insulation? Explained & Myths Debunked

When it comes to insulation, the term “R-value” is often mentioned, but what exactly does it mean? Unfortunately, it is a bit confusing, and the answer should be more straightforward. But, once you get some background into how it was created and measured, you’ll easily be able to answer the question when someone asks, “what … Read more

couple enjoying a new heat pump

New Tax Credits Available to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Is your home drafty with rooms that are never the same temperature? Unfortunately, most U.S. homeowners experience this, along with noise pollution and stale, poor-quality indoor air. It wasn’t until the oil crisis of the 1970s that residential building codes became mandatory. So, many of the 130 million homes in our country suffer from poor … Read more

insulating an attic with cellulose

Insulating an Attic: Benefits, How-to & Tips

Ever wonder how to lower your energy bill without sweltering in the summer or freezing in the winter? According to the United States Department of Energy, proper insulation and air sealing can achieve energy savings of 10-20%. The estimated savings are even higher for older houses with little to no insulation.  The best part is … Read more

man spraying spray foam insulation for maximum r value

Spray Foam Insulation R-value: Per Inch Guide

You might get some sticker shock if you price out spray foam insulation. It is expensive if done correctly by a professional contractor. So, you want to make sure it’s worth it. This article will cover spray foam insulation R-values and why you should, or most likely not use it. The way most insulation is … Read more

roll of bubble wrap insulation

Bubble Wrap Insulation ~ Does it Work?

Using bubble wrap insulation can work in some applications, such as adding insulation to old windows. But, it doesn’t make sense to use in a building assembly. Other options can work better and cost less. Read on to learn more. Jump to a Section Bubble Wrap Insulation R Value Bubble Wrap vs Foam Insulation Bubble … Read more