heat pump system on side of house

What Is a Heat Pump & How Does It Work? (Explained)

Imagine if you could magically move heat from one place to another, like a genie in a bottle granting your thermal wishes. Well, that’s basically what heat pumps do – they pump heat!  By manipulating the refrigerant temperature within a closed loop, heat pumps can collect ambient heat from the air and concentrate it. It’s … Read more

showing r-value on pink insulation foam board

What Is R-Value For Insulation? Explained & Myths Debunked

When it comes to insulation, the term “R-value” is often mentioned, but what exactly does it mean? Unfortunately, it is a bit confusing, and the answer should be more straightforward. But, once you get some background into how it was created and measured, you’ll easily be able to answer the question when someone asks, “what … Read more

construction worker

Highest-Paying Jobs in Construction: Choosing The Right One

Construction is a vast field with many different types of work available. From residential to commercial, highway to industrial, there’s something for everyone in construction.  However, not all construction jobs pay the same; some are more lucrative than others.  We’ll look at the different types of construction jobs and what kind of pay you can … Read more

couple enjoying a new heat pump

New Tax Credits Available to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Is your home drafty with rooms that are never the same temperature? Unfortunately, most U.S. homeowners experience this, along with noise pollution and stale, poor-quality indoor air. It wasn’t until the oil crisis of the 1970s that residential building codes became mandatory. So, many of the 130 million homes in our country suffer from poor … Read more

thermal scan showing home thermal envelope design performance

Thermal Envelope Design in Home Building (Explained)

Weathertight, thermal insulation, and airtight are the three continuous functional layers in thermal envelope design in home building to provide adequate protection from the elements. These layers’ performance must be tested on paper and in the field. Once these layers are installed, gaining access to correct any remaining flaws is prohibitively expensive. If weaknesses persist, … Read more

durock edgeguard cement backer board

How to Install Cement Board on a Floor for Tile

Learning how to install cement board on a floor properly is the best thing you can do for a solid, mold-resistant, crack-free tile floor that will last. Budget at least a full day for this job. Especially if it is your first time installing cement board, more extensive floors may need multiple days. Tools & … Read more

installing cork underlayment

How to Install Cork Underlayment

When installing cork underlayment, the base materials and the type of flooring will guide how it is installed. You should also consult the manufacturer to see what they recommend.  Before we begin, it should be noted that cork underlayment can be used to level out different sub-floor heights. For example, say one room has hardwood flooring … Read more