Would You Grill an Egg? Here’s Why You Should



Grilling meals outdoors always seems to make everything taste better. And while chicken, burgers and hot dogs are old standbys when you light the grill, there are so many creative and delicious alternatives out there to try grilling.

Ready to light it up and  add some new favorites to your cookout menu? Our first two recipes come from Braswell Family Farms, but we found three other eggs-on-the-grill recipes during our search that we just had to share.

Scrambled Egg Muffins on the Grill

Ingredients: – Eggs (one for each muffin) – Milk (or milk substitute) – Ham (optional) – Cheddar cheese (optional) – Hot sauce (optional) – Salt and pepper

Eggs in a (Veggie) Hole

Ingredients: – Large bell peppers (one per person) – Eggs – Swiss cheese slices, 1 per pepper. Substitute other cheeses, if preferred. – Salt and pepper to taste

Pong Ang (Cambodian Grilled Eggs)

These skewered scrambled eggs look like some sort of culinary magic trick. How does the egg get scrambled inside the shell and go on a skewer like a kebob? 

Easy Soft-Grilled  Eggs

If you’re looking for simplicity at its best, then you’ll love how these eggs are grilled. The result, according to Farris, is a delicate egg white with “semi-soft” yolks. The recipe takes only 10 minutes to prepare.

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