Woman Shares How She DIYed Her Dream Couch Using a Tire



One woman envisioned her dream couch after stumbling upon a captivating design on Pinterest.

Determined to bring it to life affordably, she embarked on a journey to transform a tire into a cozy and stylish couch. Yes, you heard it right – a tire!

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Unveiling Tire-Iffic Magic: The Unbelievable DIY Couch Makeover

Starting her innovative journey with the tire as the foundation, the woman recognized the necessity of concealing its hollow center. Aware of this crucial step, she strategized to find a solution to transform the tire’s void into a functional design element.

To achieve this, she picked up wooden tops from Lowe’s and placed them back to back inside the tire. She planned to glue the circumference of the circle to make it stick.

Unfortunately, the initial attempt didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. Undeterred, she decided to take a different approach. She grabbed a bed sheet in a refreshing olive green color and wrapped it around the tire, ensuring the wooden tops stayed securely in place.

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