Woman Creates Versatile Organizer Using Items From Dollar Tree



Are you tired of the chaos caused by disorganized items in your home? Do you long for a budget-friendly solution that can handle all your belongings in one place? Look no further because we have the perfect answer for you!

One woman created a versatile organizer using items exclusively from Dollar Tree. Get ready to learn the process and transform your space!

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The Ultimate Dollar Store Organizer: How One Woman’s Creativity Transformed Clutter Into Order

To construct this cheap and versatile organizer, you will need two key items: a hanging planter basket and a tomato cage.

The tomato cage typically consists of a pointed wire on top that needs to be removed. These cages are available in various materials, including metal and plastic. You may use a wire cutter to efficiently and quickly cut off the wire on top.

Moving on to the hanging planter basket, you will want to remove its chains, as you will only require the basket itself. Once the chains have been detached, place the basket on each layer of the tomato cage.

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