Will Pothos Plants Destroy My Aquarium? (Answer + Pros & Cons)



Pothos is a popular houseplant that thrives in aquariums. But a few years ago, the plant gained notoriety for “destroying” a woman’s aquarium. 

This story will discuss those concerns, explaining the pros and cons of pothos. Plus, keep reading to learn how to install and maintain pothos so that you can maximize the benefits of this decorative plant.

What Is a Pothos Plant?

Pothos is a tropical vine plant with waxy, heart-shaped leaves. In the wild, this trailing plant can grow up to 40ft long. Indoors, pothos can reach up to 30ft in length.

Is It Safe to Put Pothos Plants in an Aquarium?

The leaves and stems of pothos plants contain insoluble calcium oxalate crystals. If ingested, these crystals will cause discomfort. They essentially act as tiny shards that cut the mouth and digestive tract.

How to Attach Pothos to an Aquarium

- Establish the Right Growing Conditions - Prepare a Clipping - Install the Plant - Monitor and Maintain Growth

Pros of Planting Pothos

- Water Filtration - Reduced Algae Growth - Improved Air Quality - Water Aeration - Additional Coverage - Substrate Stabilization

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