Why Is Your Pothos Dripping Water? 3 Reasons & What to Do



Nowadays, it is hard to find a houseplant collector that does not own a Pothos, otherwise known as ‘Devil’s Ivy.

If you own a Pothos, chances are you’ve little drops of water on the floor beneath your plant. After searching for a leak, you’ve found that the water is coming out of your Pothos! Have you ever wondered why this happens and what it means?

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3 Reasons Why Your Pothos Is Dripping Water

High Humidity

A widespread cause for Pothos’ leaves sweating is high humidity. Guttation most often occurs when there is a sudden drop or rise in moisture levels in the air.



When you overwater your plant, you give it more moisture than it can absorb. The roots will try to deliver the water to the foliage, which creates pressure on the leaves and roots. 


Warm Environments

Like humans, Pothos will increase its moisture excretion in response to high temperatures. They do this to cool down.


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