Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning White? 8 Causes & Solutions



If you are a new plant parent, pothos is a perfect choice for you for its bright green or variegated leaves and lush appearance with a tropical vibe. 

Follow this “pothos leaves turning white” guide to help identify any potential issues and how to save your plant.

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8 Reasons For Your Pothos Leaves Turning White

Improper Lightning

Plants that grow in low-light conditions become pale and leggy. If your pothos plant leaves are variegated, they will probably first lose their variegation and revert to green to compensate.


Temperature Stress

Temperature stress can lead to the development of white leaves. In more severe cases, when the temperatures are below 50 or above 90 degrees F, the leaves will develop discoloration and wilt.



When you overwater a pothos the stems and leaves become pale yellow or white, soft, and mushy. The soil has an unpleasant, rotting smell. When you dig roots, they are watery and dark, later decaying, and almost non-existent.


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