Which Side of Drywall Faces Out



If you’re installing your first piece of sheetrock (USG brand of drywall) and wondering, which side of drywall faces out? We can help.

If you look at the different sides of the drywall, you will notice different colors. Depending on brands, the color may vary. There is a reason for the different materials and how drywall is installed. Here is why.

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Differences of Front and Rear Sides of Drywall

Front Side

The front of drywall is  usually gray, blue, green, or purple and will have a nice and smooth surface for finishing. You will also notice that it is somewhat tapered on the long edges of the drywall.

Back Side

The first giveaway that you are looking at the back of the drywall is the paper on the front is folded over the edges and glued to the rear. The folding helps reinforce the gypsum core and protect it. The other dead giveaway is the brown color. Although some companies use gray, brown is more common.

Colors of Drywall & What They Mean

- Gray Drywall: Finish Side  Is Gray - Green Drywall: Finish Side  Is Green - Purple Drywall: Finish Side  Is Purple - Yellow Drywall:  Finish Side  Is Gray

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