When Life Gives You Leaning Fences, Build a Chicken Paradise! How This Couple Built a Cheap DIY Chicken Coop



This man had an incredible idea. Instead of letting the fence go to waste, he found a way to repurpose it and give it a new lease on life.

Not only did he make the fence sturdy and straight, but he also transformed it into a functional and practical chicken coop. Talk about thinking outside the box!

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Leaning Fence? No Problem! Witness the Incredible DIY Cheap Chicken Coop Makeover

He utilized recycled materials like the wood he had lying around the house. By doing so, he saved money on construction materials and also contributed to reducing waste. It’s a win-win situation!

To ensure that the foundation of the coop was rock solid, he went the extra mile and added concrete to the wooden supports embedded in the soil. This way, the coop would stand firm, with no risk of collapsing or leaning.

The borders surrounding the chicken coop are cleverly attached to the fence, serving a dual purpose. Not only do they prevent the coop from falling, but they also work their magic to straighten the fence’s foundation. It’s like a genius two-in-one solution.

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