When Cost-Cutting Goes Wrong: Beware of Free Soil From Facebook Marketplace



Madeline, known for her gardening expertise, has gained a significant following on TikTok, with 130,000 followers and 1.8 million likes.

Despite her extensive knowledge and successful gardening endeavors, Madeline encounters setbacks like any experienced gardener.

The Cost-Cutting Experiment Unfolds

Our woman obtained free-fill dirt from a Facebook Marketplace and used it to fill her grow containers. Without assessing the soil’s quality, Madeline filled half of the container with dirt and layered organic soil on top, believing it to be cost-effective.

The Consequences of Cutting Corners

Our woman encountered a surprising obstacle—large rocks in the soil! Consequently, despite using good organic soil for the top layer, her plants struggled to thrive due to the lack of proper drainage and the inadequate nutrient supply.

The Lesson Learned

Madeline’s experience highlights a valuable lesson for all gardeners: investing in high-quality soil is crucial for successful gardening. Good quality soil provides plants with the necessary nutrients for their growth.

The Ideal Soil for Container Plants

Experts recommend using soilless mixes as they provide adequate root aeration, ensure good drainage to prevent waterlogging, and limit the amount of sand to avoid hindering plant growth.

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