What Do You Need to Grow Microgreens? (11 Essential Items)



Wondering, “what do I need to grow microgreens?” growing microgreens requires only a small number of supplies. Some of these items may already be in your home, while others will require a small investment.

This story will cover 11 items you’ll need, along with tips for each.

Shallow Growing Trays

Shallow containers are used because of the minimal time microgreens spend within them. Standard 20 x 10-inch black plastic trays seem to function adequately.


High-Quality Soil

The soil is the foundation of every farm and garden, and microgreens are no different. It’s crucial to choose suitable soil for growing microgreens. The biological and mineral interactions required for healthy, nutrient-rich plants are abundant in rich, fertile soil.


Supply of Microgreen Seeds

Another essential component of cultivating microgreens is high-quality seeds. Your seeds’ viability will be impacted by a number of factors, including seed source, age, handling, and storage.


Towels (Cloth or Paper)

Use paper or cotton towels instead of soil to cover your seedlings quickly and efficiently. Usually, soil would be sprinkled into a tray that had been sowed, just enough to cover the seeds.


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