Watch How These Girls Transformed an Abandoned Room Into a Jaw-Dropping Sunroom



Planning to transform your old and abandoned room into a refreshing and stunning space but unsure where to begin? Well, this inspiring video is for you!

Watch how a group of girls brought their dream sunroom to life. Tune in to witness their transformation process!

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Learn more about How These Girls Created an Enchanting Sunroom From Scratch 

If you’re planning a complete makeover, it’s advisable to start with the walls. Old walls tend to become brittle over time, so it’s crucial to ensure they’re sturdy and reliable.

Start by removing the existing wall materials and replacing them with new ones that complement your style. If you desire a warm and cozy atmosphere, consider choosing wooden walls, just like what our girls did.

Also, they decided to integrate white pebbles to create a distinctive feature on one side of the wall. It is truly remarkable to see pebbles being used as a unique wall material.

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