Urn Plant: Hardy & Beautiful Blooms (Aechmea Care Guide)



This exotic floral houseplant, native to tropical South America, is also one of the hardiest. Its foliage ranges in color from light gray to dark red and is highly coarse and edged with quite sharp spines.

The plant is known as an “urn plant” because its overlapping, recurving leaves naturally form a waterproof urn shape.

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Varieties of Aechmea Plants

Aechmea Blumenavii

This variety has 10–15 rigid, strap-like, slightly arched, green leaves that are 1-1/2 inches (36 millimeters) wide, with scaly-white overtones and dark violet at the tips.

A. Rhodocyanea

The most prevalent type is A. fasciata, another name for it. It features grayish-green foliage and a fist-sized bract that is clear pink and flecked with small blue blooms.

A. Fulgens Discolor

A. fulgens discolor is a plant significantly smaller than A. rhodocyanea, with a more open rosette and leaves that are red on the underside and green on the top. Along the stem, purple flowers are dispersed.

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