Unraveling the Mysterious Harlequin Pothos + Plant Care Tips



Varieties of Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) are often hard to tell apart, and they’re sometimes even mislabeled in stores.

Its origins are obscure. Some people think it’s the same variety as Manjula Pothos, others think it’s a highly variegated form of  Manjula, and others believe it is a different variety altogether.

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Care of Harlequin Pothos Plant


Pothos are native to the French Polynesian forests, where they are understory vines that receive bright, indirect sunlight. As a highly variegated indoor plant, Harlequin needs the brightest indirect light you can give without exposing it to direct sunlight.


Your Harlequin will not appreciate either cold or hot drafts and may droop and drop leaves. Keep it out of the way of a hot air or air conditioner vent, and move it away from a cold, drafty window in the winter.


Harlequin pothos will adapt to low humidity in a household, which is usually in the 30 to 40 percent range, but because of its tropical heritage, it prefers 40 to 60 percent humidity.

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