Ultra-Rare Monstera Obliqua Plant: Care Guide & Growing Tips



If you want to add some variety to your plant collection, the highly unique Monstera obliqua plant is an excellent option. It has a classic green look, but the leaves provide a modern feel.

Unfortunately, taking care of this plant is challenging, and the leaves can be fragile. So you’ll want to learn a bit about its care before you take one on.

What Is Monstera Obliqua?

Monstera oblique is a tropical plant native to Central and South America and got its name from Latin. The word ‘monstrum,’ meaning abnormal or unusual, is where the name Monstera originated.

Monstera Obliqua Varieties

– Monstera obliqua Colombia – Monstera obliqua Peru – Monstera obliqua Boliviana – Monstera obliqua amazonas

Monstera Obliqua Plant Care

- Usda Hardiness Zone - Light - Water - Temperature and Humidity - Soil - Fertilizer - Potting

Propagate Monstera Obliqua

Stem or the stolon methods can be used to propagate Monstera Obliqua. However, both of these methods require a high level of humidity.

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