Ultra-Rare Monstera Obliqua Plant: Care Guide & Growing Tips

If you want to add some variety to your plant collection, the highly unique Monstera obliqua plant is an excellent option. 

Monstera oblique is a tropical plant native to Central and South America and got its name from Latin. The word ‘monstrum,’ meaning abnormal or unusual, is where the name Monstera originated.

Monstera Obliqua Varieties

The different Monstera obliqua are: - Monstera obliqua Colombia - Monstera obliqua Peru - Monstera obliqua Boliviana Monstera obliqua amazonas

Identification – Appearance & Description

Plant Size The stems of this plant species grow anywhere from two to 10 millimeters in size. It will occasionally develop white berry-like fruits five to eight millimeters in diameter. 


The leaves of this plant are very delicate. Because they have such thin sections surrounding the openings so, need to maintain a somewhat higher humidity level in the area where your plant is, especially.


There is the potential for your obliqua to flower at random points during each season, but it’s not all that common for this to happen when you have your plant indoors. It is said to occur 1.5 years after germination.


The fruit of Monstera obliqua is a green spathe called globose berries. The spadix turns from greenish-white to yellow.


Ultra-Rare Monstera Obliqua Plant: Care Guide & Growing Tips