Types of Heat Pumps: (Air & Ground-Source Explained)



When the ambient temperature drops below the heat pump’s balance point, the heat pump will not be able to hold a steady indoor temperature.

This varies depending  on the design, but it is  valid for all air-source  heat pumps (a significant concern if you live in an extreme climate). Let’s dig into all the details and learn about the different types of heat pumps.

2 Main Types of Heat Pumps: Ground Source and Air

- Ground-Source Heat Pumps - Air-Source Heat Pumps: Cost Less & Smaller

Either System Needs Proper Design

A well-designed heat pump system will hardly heat the house on the coldest day of the year. The system may even be sized to handle less than the intended heat load if the system designer is willing to rely on electric resistance heat during severely cold weather.

What Building Codes Say About Heat Pumps

Sections 1401 and 1403 of the 2006 IRC are the main sections that deal with heat pumps. Equipment should be sized using ACCA Manual J or another recognized calculating technique (1401.3).

Are Heat Pumps “Green”?

Although heat pump manufacturers advertise incredibly high efficiency, reliable monitoring information is unavailable on completed homes with ground-source heat pumps.

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