Turn Rainy Days Into Savings: Learn How This Man Harvests Rainwater to Cut Costs



Depending on the size of your garden, the summer months might see an unpleasant increase in your water bill. If you’re a dedicated plant parent, you don’t want your plants to go thirsty.

But you still want to cut down on expenses. Every penny saved is a penny that can go toward more plants, after all.

This DIY maverick claims he has captured over 800 gallons of clean water using his DIY Rainwater System. The system is surprisingly simple. Rain falls from the sky onto the roof of his house. That water then travels down the roof and into a gutter.

The gutter funnels the water into a large debris filter. Through the filter, the water travels down a long tube called a sediment trap or first flush.

Once water has filled the tube, clean water travels through another tube into an IBC tote. A final filter at the top of the IBC tote catches fine sediment.

If you’re not quite at @earthnailsandtails’s DIY level, you could install a rain barrel instead. A rain barrel won’t harvest the same volume of rainwater, but the installation will be much simpler.

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