Trees With White Flowers: 23 Beautiful Choices



How does a gardener’s heart become captivated by trees with white flowers? A single tree with large blooms of white flowers is utterly magical in its ability to enhance an entire landscape.

You may be surprised by the variety of options, whether you’re planning to add just one white flowering tree or several to your yard.

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Trees That Produce Beautiful White Flowers

White Dogwood

You may be aware of the White Dogwood tree (Cornus florida) because it is widely known among the trees producing white flowers. There are actually about 60 different Dogwood species that belong to the Cornaceae family of trees.

Kousa Dogwood

Because Kousa Dogwoods (Cornus kousa) can thrive in cold climates and are strongly resistant to disease, these little trees have become quite popular.

Yoshino Cherry

Yoshino Cherry trees (Prunus x yedoensis) often feature participants in cherry blossom events. They are also commonly referred to as Japanese Flowering Cherry trees.

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