Transform Your Garden in Under an Hour: This Couple’s $60 DIY Trellis



Have you ever dreamed of adding a stunning garden trellis to your backyard without costing hundreds of dollars? You can do exactly that, leveraging your creativity to create a remarkable trellis for a mere $60.

The best part? It takes less than an hour (45 mins to be exact). Watch an incredible couple’s process to bring this dream to life. And then, get ready to revolutionize your garden space!

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How This Couple Built a Stunning DIY Garden Trellis for $60

Building the Foundation: T-Bar Posts

You’ll need T-Bar posts as your foundation to begin your DIY garden trellis project. Our couple opted for 4-feet 6-inch T-Bars, placing them at each corner for added stability.


Creating the Magical Arc: Installing the Cattle Panel

The 50-inch by 16-inch cattle panel selected by this creative couple provides the perfect structure for many climbing plants.


The Beauty & Practicality of a DIY Garden Trellis

Upon completing your trellis, you step into a transformed garden space. Imagine a leisurely walk beneath the towering arc, feeling akin to royalty in a fairytale landscape.


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