Top 11 Best States for Homesteading According to the Internet



Are you a homesteader searching for the best place to live within the United States for ideal homesteading conditions? Then, we got you covered. 

After a homesteading couple asked Reddit for the best places to relocate,  here are the top-voted responses.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the cheapest options. You can get a large piece of land for nothing. The space is excellent during the spring and summer because you can grow vast gardens and raise animals.



Pennsylvania is an excellent choice if you want a warmer climate, a more mild winter, and plenty of farmland. The rainfall is steady, allowing for a lush harvest. You will find farms, orchards, and dairy operations around every corner, so you are never short of connections.



One Redditor stated, “I would build my homestead in Michigan.” The water is cleaner than anywhere else in the world. Even in the shorter growing seasons, people thrive agriculturally because of the mild climates and steady rainfall.


North Carolina

Another explained, “I live in North Central, Washington, which has sandy loam soil that is easy to alter for agricultural use.” The sale tax is very fair. They elaborated they’d never been to a state with more gorgeous views from their backyard. 


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