This Man’s Hack for Painting a Door Is Pure Genius



Are you planning to give your old door a fresh, new look? Painting your door can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure about the best approach. But fear not!

We have an incredible hack to share that will revolutionize how you paint your door. Let’s delve into this fascinating technique and learn how to paint doors like a pro.

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Preparing the Door

You’ll need to detach the door from its frame. Once removed, lay the door horizontally on the ground. Our man’s hack is to secure one screw at the center top of the door and one at the bottom.

Creating a Stable Painting Platform

Place objects such as chairs or similar items on each side of the exposed screw. This setup will securely hold the screw, creating a horizontally suspended door.

Achieving Stability

He positioned wooden or metallic stoppers on the door’s corners to ensure stability and prevent unintended shifting.

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