These Natural Egg Dyes Will Bring Even More Magic to Your Easter Eggs



Dyeing your Easter eggs naturally is the best way to make this fun Easter tradition environmentally friendly as well as conducive to a clean eating lifestyle. 

Dyes and chemicals are something I avoid in my life, so why would dyeing eggs be any different?

How to Get Natural Egg Dye to Stick

Giving eggs a quick rub with diluted vinegar can help make the dye stick by clearing away a thin layer of oil and other debris on the shell. Adding vinegar to your natural dyes as well can help make them stick.

How to Get Different Shades When Using Natural Easter Egg Dye

For darker eggs, you can add more of the plant you are using to create your dyes. Double the ingredients with the exception of water and vinegar. For lighter eggs, water down your egg dyes — but be careful to not overly dilute them.

What Foods Make Your Favorite Natural Easter Egg Dye  Colors

- Brown - Red and pink - Yellow - Green - Orange - Purple - Blue

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