The Ruth Stout Method: A ”No-Work” Technique for Starting an Organic Garden



Are you thinking of starting an organic vegetable garden that requires no fertilizers, no watering, and best of all, no digging and soil amendments? In that case, the Ruth Stout method is one of the easiest techniques you can try.

This guide will explain what is the Ruth Stout gardening method, how to use permanent hay mulching to reduce digging, tilling, and watering, and which vegetables grow best using this technique.

What Is the Ruth  Stout Method of Gardening?

The Ruth Stout gardening method involves keeping the soil covered by a thick layer of hay mulch and simply growing your vegetables in it. 

How to Start a Ruth Stout Garden

- Understand Your Garden Soil - Know When to Start - Gather Your Mulch Materials - Spread the Mulch - Start Planting - Keep Mulching

What Can You Grow  in a Ruth Stout Garden?

– Potatoes – Strawberries – Tomatoes – Peppers – Eggplants – Cucumbers – Squash and pumpkin

Troubleshooting Common Problems

- Sprouting Hay - Mice and Other Rodents - Slugs and Snails - Weeds and Invasive Grasses

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