The Party We Never Got to Attend: Why Millennials & Gen Z-Ers Are So Pissed Off



Millennials and Gen Z-ers are often described as lazy, entitled, stupid, selfish, dumb, crazy, lost, ignorant, spoiled, bad, sensitive, snowflake, annoying, and more.

This is according to SUNY psychologist Karla Vermeulen, author of the new book “Generation Disaster: Coming of Age Post 9-11.” The book looks specifically at people born between 1990 and 2001, but her conclusions are broadly relevant to folks under 40.

Raised in Fear: the Impact on Young Americans’ Mental Health

The psychological effect of participating in lockdown drills in kindergarten, for example, has contributed to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and resentment.

Climate Change: The Existential Threat

But the biggest driver of Generation Disaster’s stress and anger, according to Vermeulen, are narratives about how climate change is about to destroy the planet in the very near future.

Towards a Productive Dialogue Across Generations

To address the anger and anxiety of Millennials and Gen Z-ers, Vermeulen suggests starting with respect and listening to their concerns, which are often valid.

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