The Life Span of 10 Common Home Appliances



While the life span of appliances in our home may not be something we regularly think about—if at all—it doesn’t hurt to know how many years you have left on your favorite household helpers.

So the next time you hear an odd rattle from your refrigerator or wonder if you’re better off replacing instead of repairing an old vacuum, consider this list a useful reference on the life expectancy of these commonly found household appliances.

Vacuum: 8 Years

In 1907, James Spangler came up with the idea of using a portable electric vacuum cleaner while working as a janitor for an Ohio department store. The concept came to him because the carpet sweeper he used on the job aggravated his asthma.

Room Air Conditioner: 9 Years

It was in the 1930s that H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman received a patent that permitted the company to install window air conditioning units for residential use.

Dishwasher: 9 Years

Dishwashers, which typically last for nine years, can have a life span of up to 13 years with proper care and maintenance.

Microwave Oven: 9 Years

Percy Spencer, an American engineer of the industrial corporation Raytheon, invented the microwave oven by accident in the 1940s.The unexpected discovery came when, one day, Spencer had been working close to magnetrons, which generate microwaves. 

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