The Fascinating Healing Benefits of Guaco Herb



Across the globe, medicinal plants grow abundantly – from the tropics to the high mountain valleys to arid deserts. Every environment and place in the world has traditional herbs used for centuries to heal and aid the local people.

One such herb largely unknown or mentioned in North American herbalism is the guaco herb. This is quite unfortunate because this beloved tropical herb has valuable medicinal benefits and a long history of use.

What Is the Guaco Herb?

Guaco herb is the common name for several vining plants in the Mikania genus, most of which are native to tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

Identifying Characteristics

Guaco leaves are opposite, cordate (heart-shaped), and about 2-6 inches long with a bright green, shiny surface. The leaf margins are crenate to dentate or slightly toothed.

Traditional Uses

The traditional use of guaco as a snake bite antidote and snake deterrent earned it the common names snake vine and snake herb. 

Modern Benefits and Uses

– Alterative – Astringent – Bitter tonic – Carminative – Antimicrobial – Anti-inflammatory – Expectorant – Anticoagulant (blood thinner)

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