The Famous 3 Foot Wide House “Skinny House” or “Pie House”



The “skinny house”, or “pie house” as it is referred to by locals, has taken Tik Tok by storm recently. 

Located in Deerfield, Illinois this uniquely shaped property recently sold for $295,000! Take a look at this slice of history for yourself.

3-Feet of Quirky Living

This isn’t a tiny home by any stretch and has a square footage of 1,600 feet with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a finished basement. With all that space it is perfect for a small family.

A True Star

The Deerfield skinny house is as popular as it is weird. When it first went up for sale (zillow link) in 2020, a video of the home was posted on TikTok, a social media platform known for short viral videos, by Tik Tok user @eli.korns_.

What’s the Reason for a 3 Ft Wide House?

A byproduct of local property ordinances, the skinny house sits on a 3,876 sq ft corner lot and is carefully designed to make the most out of the regulations.

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