The Easy Way to Grow Your Own Herbs This Spring



Growing an herb garden of your own will make your homemade meals taste incredibly fresh and flavorful! Herbs can be planted indoors when there is a danger of frost outside. You can enjoy your favorites all year long.

Like any other plant, you just need some sunlight and water, along with some patience and guidance.

How to Pick What Herbs to Grow

When selecting which herbs to plant, think about your favorites and how often you use them. Will a small plant do, or do you need to plant it outdoors in a larger pot?

Know Your Herbs

– Fresh Oregano is much milder than dried. – Many herbs can be grown just from cuttings! – Although less popular, Italian parsley is much more flavorful than curly parsley – Most herbs prefer lots of sun; cilantro loves shade

Where Should Herbs Be Planted?

– For indoor herb gardens, you’ll need to select a location near a window for sunlight. – For outdoor herb gardens, you may be wise to segregate your herbs from the rest of your garden, or plant them in pots. Some

How Should You Contain Your Herbs?

If grown inside, the herbs should be placed in a container and watered whenever the top of the soil looks dry, about every two weeks.

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