The Best Soil for Pothos Plants: Recipe & How to Mix Soil Like a Pro

Pothos is an excellent starter plant and for experienced houseplant lovers too. 

Many homeowners assume that soil doesn’t matter or that most are the same. But this is far from reality. The potting soil you use impacts what nutrients your plant gets. It also defines the plant roots’ growth.

We’ll discuss that below and explain how to select the best soil for pothos.

What pH Levels Work Best with Pothos?

Most plants grow well in neutral pH levels. For example, a pothos plant will enjoy soil with a pH of 6.2-6.8 (considered neutral but leans slightly to acidity). Thankfully, most are in that range, so it hasn’t hard to find soil for your pothos.

Proper Drainage: Well-Draining Soil

A pothos plant can tolerate dry soil. They’re excellent for any household owner that’s forgetful to water their plants! However, since pothos is drought tolerant, they don’t work well in soggy soils. So, you’ll need well-draining soil that retains the right amount of moisture.

Potting Mix Aeration and Moisture Retention

Pothos plants prefer a well-draining soil mix that drains fast. They also like to dry slowly with each watering. Still, ensure you aren’t relying on soil too quickly to dry. If so, your plant may end up underwatered! Instead, we recommend balancing moisture retention with drainage. 

Nutrition= Nutrient-Rich Soil

Plants get most of their nutrition as minerals and vitamins from the soil. They’re needed for survival, so it’s crucial to ensure those nutrients are rich in the soil. Also, note that growing plants can consume soil nutrients pretty fast.


The Best Soil for Pothos Plants: Recipe & How to Mix Soil Like a Pro