The Best Soil for Pothos Plants: Recipe & How to Mix Soil Like a Pro



Many homeowners assume that soil doesn’t matter or that most are the same. But this is far from reality. The potting soil you use impacts what nutrients your plant gets. It also defines the plant roots’ growth.

You’ll need to take care when picking your plant’s potting mix. We’ll discuss and explain how to select the best soil for pothos.

4 Consideration for Choosing the Best Soil for Pothos Plants

- What Ph Levels Work Best With Pothos? - Proper Drainage: Well-Draining Soil - Potting Mix Aeration and Moisture Retention - Nutrition= Nutrient-Rich Soil

Ingredients for Best Pothos Soil Mix

- Nutrition: Mulch, Biochar, Compost, Manure and Worm Castings. - Drainage and Aeration: Perlite, Vermiculite and Orchid Bark. - Moisture Retention: Sphagnum Moss, Peat Moss, Coco Coir and Horticultural Charcoal.

Here’s a Pothos Potting Soil Recipe

– Worm castings (2-parts) – Activated charcoal (2-parts) – Coir (4-parts) – Orchid bark (5-parts) – Perlite (5-parts)

Alternative: Purchase Ready-Mix Type of Soil

Multiple commercial houseplant soil mixes exist. They include hand-blended soil that gives your plants all they require to grow. 

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