Surviving a Blackout: 15 Tips & Tricks for Weathering the Storm



A winter wonderland quickly turns into a chilling predicament. As the temperature outside drops, so does the comfort of your now unpowered home. This scenario isn’t just inconvenient; it can be downright dangerous if you’re not prepared.

Here are some essential  tips for navigating a snowstorm-induced blackout, ensuring you  and your loved ones can weather the storm both safely and comfortably.

Circuit Breaker Caution

Checking your circuit breaker is a natural first step, but handle with care. Look for any visible damage, but avoid direct contact to prevent potential hazards.


Unplug to Protect

Unplug appliances like your computer, TV, and microwave to shield them from damage. However, leave one lamp plugged in and turned on so you’ll know when power returns.


Fridge & Freezer Savvy

Your fridge is a temporary safe haven for your food – but only if you keep it shut. A closed fridge can hold the cold for about four hours, and a well-stocked freezer can last up to 48 hours.


Flashlights Over Candles

Candles might add ambiance, but they’re a fire hazard. Flashlights are safer and more reliable.


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